Hanover Property

Will there be repercussion from selling a rare1871 book of the freemasons?

I have this very rare first addition of what is like, the bible of the free masons.The History of Masonry by Mitchell -1871. My father John Shelton, was a member and so were some ancestors. They built “Rural Plains” near Studley it is the oldest home in Hanover County, dating back to 1670. Sir John Shelton received the property on which it stands through a King’s Grant bestowed in 1609, and it has remained in the Shelton family since. It is the oldest home in the United States in continuous possession of one family. Patrick Henry married Sarah Shelton at “Rural Plains” in 1754. It was damaged by Confederate cannonballs during the Battle of Totopotomoy Creek in 1864 though it was never overtaken. With this type of history should I sell even though I’m deep in debt? Will this secret society become angered?

No they would actually buy it. You really need to get the book preserved and appraised. If you can’t afford that see if antique roadshow is near by. The Masons won’t be angry about someone selling a book they are probably some of the people with money right now and would love to buy it. Unfortunately it is a buyers market right now.

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