Clark County Records Search

family tree – help required?

i’m presently doing my family tree and trying to find where i can obtain records for a Frederick Clark born on 17th september 1910, i believe he was born in scotland, i’m using a site called but i can only search scotland by individual counties, which as you can imagine will be a nightmare!

although i believe he was born in glasgow can anyone point me in the direction of a site that may search all of scotland rather than individual counties as him being born in scotland may only be hearsay have the monopoly in Scotland for records, but 1910 births aren’t online yet because of privacy laws. If you want his birth certificate you’ll have to apply by post to New Register House in Edinburgh, or visit in person. It’s all computerised, but the recent stuff can only be viewed in person after you pay the daily or half-daily search fee. You’re wasting your time at Ancestry or anywhere else. It’s all at ScotlandsPeople.

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