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Do all MLS Real Estate listings include Tax Assessor information?

When a Real Estate Agent adds a listing to the MLS, does the MLS service provide the same services and the same types of data? And do all MLS services generate the same type of MLS Listing in each area of the country?

Does a listing in Caldwell Idaho have the same infortmation as a listing in Reston, Virginia? Specifically the Tax Roll info?

And does each MLS operate under it’s own rules in regards to how the ONLINE MLS data for that “County” (or however MLS chapters are defined) is aggregated and displayed?

Each MLS system is different in the information offered, although there is a core of traditional information that most include.

In Venice, Florida, the tax and owner information pulls up from the County. We don’t enter it manually.

And, of course, County information was entered by human hands, and people can make mistakes, but usually it’s accurate, at the instant it was pulled.

If the property has been on the MLS past the period of time when the local County tax folks update for the new tax year, that new information will not automatically appear on the old MLS listing.

I always suggest that buyers do the research with the County – or ask a realtor – about the local millage figures so they can make an informed decision about what their new tax bill might be, but it’s difficult to pin point it exactly because the County may not use the sales price as the fair market value. They have their own appraisers that establish that, based on comps on record at the time the appraisal is completed (early in the calendar year).

Plus there is the homestead/no homestead factor.

But you can certainly get a rough and ready estimate using the sales price and the current millage numbers. Most times that will be higher than your eventual tax bill – yay!

Good luck and best wishes.

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