Broward County Arrest

What is lewdness violation?

I was doing research on someone I know, he was arrested and coming to find out he was charged w/ misdemeanor for lewdness violation, he had to send proof of hiv/std test to the courts in 30 days, why is that? Is it b/c of prostitute soliciting? or is it mandatory even if it was with someone he knew? Dont tell me to ask him b/c I cant he is my cousin’s boyfriend, and all along I just didnt believe the sorry excuse he gave her for his arrest. Please any legal explanation from professionals or personal experience will be greatly appreciated. By the way the arrest was in Broward County in the State of Fl. Thanks much!

Try that link. There are apparently 3 types of offenses classified as “lewdness violations”. The first two are misdemeanor, the third, which covers many types of actions, is classified as a felony.

Click on the links to each individual one on that page, and it will let you read the law and tell you if it is a misdemeanor or a felony. The only thing I can tell you with confidence from reading those statutes is that, if he was only charged with a misdemeanor, it most likely did not involve a minor. All those offenses are felonies. But no way to be totally certain with what limited info you have.

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