Thurston County District Court

Who do I write the check to the ticket?

Hello, I just got a ticket speeding outside my area, but in my state. So to whom do I write the check? The ticket does not give a contact phone number, but it says I have to mail in a given direction. The address belongs to "Thurston County District Court" Does that sound right for the person writing the check? Is the deadline for day when the mail has to be stamped or on receiving the mail? Do I have to appear in court if I just decided to pay the fee? Moreover, how does this affect my insurance? I have 18 years … I was going at high speed to 80 on Highway 60. Traffic offense first. They turn 19 next month.

Usually, it is written on the ticket (maybe on the back) that can bail (fine) w / or appear in court. Including that to write the check. More often reach for the court, but sometimes the Secretary of that court. If it really is not a phone # in the list court, you should look online or in the directory call. The due date is the date indicated on the ticket. If the court does not have your money before that date, and failure to appear in court for arraignment be issued a warrant for his arrest. If you just paid, you do not have to go to court unless its stated in the summons. ~ Z ~

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