Prince Georges County Court Records

I have filed for expungement in the Prince George's County, Maryland, what is this form 4-508.1?

I have presented to expungement in Prince George's County, Maryland. Now after I submitted my name I've been looking for if Maryland Power Search Judicial for over month. And finally, my expungements were acquitted of the website. Now I received a form for expungement 4-508.1 RECORDS OF THE POLICE AND THE COURT ORDERED that this order, "this context" did not stay. And it has a stamped "copy of real test," signed by a clerk and signed by the judge that I am a little lost, these ways of reading the instructions as stereo and do not understand that someone can help me? !

4-508.1 is a formal court order by a judge to grant cancellation. This means that your application is accepted. The employee is required to give you a copy, and copies to the officer, the other parties involved, the status records of individuals, etc. Because it is deleted, no longer appear in the record background checks.

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