Brevard Property

Scripture taxes Sales Question?

I been doing much research sales tax deed … i live in brevard county FL. Their next auction tax deed is September 14 so'm I trying get all my things straight then. My question is, say'll do bids this house relatively new (4 years). What succeeds bank since County usurped property? Am i will have pay bank for remaining balance mortgage if i win auction? O makes bank obtain screwed by + 100k? Thanks!

La bank probable redeem property (pay tax with interest) and you get his money interests place property. Embargos prosecutors nullify all other levies so bank unlikely let it pass back taxes. Need search specific laws for Florida how taxes Defaulting treated and you would do when really get a writing property. If winning tendering a certificate taxes there a period redemption less 2 years after tax became offender after may request writing taxes.

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