Botetourt County Jail

How much jail time for my first reckless driving tickett in Botetourt County, Virginia?

I got pulled over in I 81 doing 99/65 (this is what the officer stated). I live in Maryland and i hold a Florida drivers license (i just moved to maryland 2 weeks prior). I have spoken to many different lawyers, one said that they give a day in jail for every mile over 90, another told me for every day in jail it counts as 2. I know I’m punishable for to up to 12 months and a fine up to 2500 but ive never heard of anybody actually getting that. Does anybody have an idea how much jail time the judge will require if any? … 30…or 60 or 90 days.. somebody has to have an idea. I also have a girl and a baby that i provide for i don’t know what i would do if i had to be incarcerated for to long or what i would do about my job. Would it help if i took driver improvement classes? Please, if anybody could give me some info i would really appreciate it..

I can tell you that the system in Virginia is very strict. Your hardship may be a defense to keep you out of jail, but you will surely lose your license and be charged a huge bill. Be sure you have a lawyer!!

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