Athens Clarke County

Why Georgia Sun sucks a lot? and why the State is a conspiracy GA operating system state, starting with the police.?

I moved from North Georgia 5 years ago and since I've been in my life so miserable GA, which went from a job that earns $ 38 000 per year to $ 22,000, and I have to live paycheck to paycheck. And while I'm here been to Athens Clarke County Police have my 16-year-old daughter, four of them beat the other officer would not allow my three other children down, so see what the four officers have made her older sister. It was also at work because of my religion, nationality and my family people used to having experimented with what I have been discriminated against in the work done by the stress of work and almost lost my baby for this reason, and they were too scared to get something in the EEOC The researchers say. Also, I was discriminated against by an apartment complex in Macon, GA director took my deposit and gave my apartment someone else, and if file acomplaint GCEO Investigators say he did nothing wrong. Why Georgia is so corrupt.

Why the police were at his residence in the first place? Why does your 16 year old is a child of 4 years old? I have lived in Georgia all my life if you do not like it here, always you can go to San Francisco. Delta is ready for use.

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