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Californians in the Emerald Triangle please help?

My husband and I are looking to move to Humboldt, Trinity, Mendocino County. According to people or Cal, which is the best in the county, what are the best cities in each county? What are the ups and downs of life in Nor Cal? We want a warmer climate / soft – I'm not interested in living in an environment of the Pacific gray and gloomy. I know that Cal also has its share of moisture Pacific, but I also know there are patches sunshiney mild throughout the region. I've heard good things about this guy. I want to live in an area that is safe to raise children, has a relatively decent w / good job opportunity, and is a "hippie-friendly 'environment remains a place … it's' type'. So Californians (or not so. OR Central) let me know what you think. I'm sick of the forums and control costs equal to calculators. I listen to some actual residents of California. Give it to me straight. Thanks!

No living along the immediate coast if you want a Warner / temperate climate, the coast is very cool gray and much of the year to look inside. Chico East is not in the Emerald Triangle and is located in the northern Sacramento Valley and is very rural and all farms in the area. I look in Mendocino County, since it is farther south and get less rain than the other two. It is also closer to the Bay Area and major cities. Humboldt and Trinity are quite isolated. One town I like to see is in Ukiah. 15,000 people is about 2.5 hours north of San Francisco. It's a good town, my father still lives there and my brother grew up there. I do not like small cities, so I left when I was young to live in the area the bay. It is very nice with a good lake, lake, near and others far away. Lots of wineries, many of hippies, a lot of weeds everywhere. That area total economy is not growing, it is very rural, so that the economy is influenced. There are jobs, but just not tons of them for professionals. If you lived in Ukiah could travel to Santa Rosa, about an hour south, where there are more better paid jobs. Some people make though is quite a commute. edit: a person under REREAD QUESTION! The person is looking to move to one of three counties in northern California NO, southern California. And on the north coast California is very cold and gray most of the year. I live in SoCal beach Diego, San, and I know what the weather but also grew up in Norcal and know how's the weather there and there is fog, rain and cold throughout the year along the coast there. A little reading comprehension goes a long way …..

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