Suffolk County Police Records

Traffic fines: Speeding in construction zone?

In about a little after midnight on September 17 he was arrested driving 57 miles per hour in a 35 mile an hour construction zone. The police officer said that surprised me a gun when I was merging with other vehicles in 2 lanes. However, I tried to explain that: 1. I accelerated to merge safely get by another car. 2. Moreover, he was an officer Nassau County police, who took me. The place I took was a little beyond the "Suffolk" county sign on the road. So I think it was in Suffolk County. I have a very good driving record. This is my first offense. I have a date for this in 5 weeks. I will plea of ??not guilty. Do I have a case? What are my options to minimize the negative impact of this incident on my driving record and insurance? Thanks for your advice in advance.

You have two problems. Speeding (over), and in a construction zone. Get to court early and see what your options are. We will not overcome.

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