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Disposal of others?

I was watching my husband child support modification case.net online, where the Missouri court cases have posted online. The first page is a line that says Layout: Other disposal. Does anyone have an idea of ??what this might mean? Or tell me where to look to find? No contact with our lawyer at the moment, there is no need to spend $ $ $ unless it is something important.

Sounds like a filling of the boiler plate in the court document blank. A case can have more than one provision, for example, in divorce in respect to union between John and Jane Doe, the court finds that the marriage is beyond reasonable expectation of reconciliation and is dissolved, and Disposal Others may be in regard to the child, Dick, the defendant, John, was also ordered to pay child support in the amount of $ 2,000 / month. As you can see, there are two issues the dissolution of marriage and child support (s). If the space after the Disposal Other is blank, do not worry about it, as I said, the courts and lawyers tend to use the documents of the boiler plate.

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