Maryland Real Property Assessments

Can you compare my real estate taxes?

My county in Maryland has assessed my home town to $ 367,000, and my taxes $ 6100 for 2011. My maintenance fees are based on assessment of the state and is about $ 1500. Sure my landlord is about $ 350 per so my total cost of ownership this year is about $ 7,950, which is still significantly less than the rent. My townhome is approximately 1800 SF and is approximately 8 years. Compared to the cost of owning in your area. How the cost of my you think? Medium or low or very expensive? My state of Maryland is very expensive. However, in everywhere are talking high cost of living what he was doing an impression that there is no such thing as away from high cost of living. That's why I ask this question to get help to find a cheap place to live. Las Vegas seems good enough if it is aboug 1 / 3 here in Maryland.

Las Vegas is about one third that mostly due to lower property taxes.

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