Court Recors

How I can get my record of child support?

WANT TO GET MY MY COURT RECORS child support orders. NEED Know the guidelines and conditions. Also I have to KNOW THE LAW ON WHEN bankruptcy in Illinois.

Our employee in my country gives to all who working paper for free. My husband just went to the courthouse, the children went to support the window and asked for a list of all child support payments made since the order was issued. They did. He turned to 5 years. IL payments stop when the child is 18 and high school. Unless the child enrolled in college. Unitl then goes outside the university. I think it may have redirected the child support the child (through a command modification) when in college, though. I know my father did for my sister. Although, if it mentions something diff. in the order of the court which stops whenever mentioned. If there is no mention of what happens to the 18 high school with NO college. And 23 or whatever, until they graduate. college.

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