Broward County Government

Law, government experts, others, why so many "rented wombs" (donor eggs) in South Florida?

Section jobs on Craigslist is not a category called ETC. What you think is probably similar to the shows at the bottom of the column to the right that short-term course, or work diem. But in the case of "ETC.", 90% of what is advertised is for women who want to be egg donors, and some just advertise this as "surrogates." Is this completely legal and there is no possibility that something sinister is going on? I mean I can understand that Some middle-class couples, or even very rich who want to have children by surrogate mothers, but how many infertile couples are there in South Florida, most Miami-Dade and Broward County? Or wombs of these women that are rented to couples abroad?

There is big money in it … people will do any anything for cash

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