Upshur County Public Records

Auditors home values?

In Ohio, I can go to and type in any last name and see the house values and information on the property. Its just public records. I know that every state has a site just like it, but Im having trouble trying to find them. I cant find the page for Upshur County in West Virginia. Does anyone know how I can find this out?? Thank you very much 🙂

Accessibility to this info on-line varies from county to county – not everyone is hooked up yet. I can tell you that while the tax assessor’s values are available on-line here in San Diego County, they generally do not correlate to market values. In California since 1978, increases in the property values (upon which the tax rate is levied) are limited to no more than a 2% increase per year, until the house is sold. So my parents’ house, which they bought in 1976, has a tax assessed value of about $170,000, but a market value of over $800,000.

Of course, you probably won’t find that much variation in a place like West Virginia. But then, you probably won’t find the info on-line there, either.

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