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Proof of Divorce?

I am the second of three wives. My husband is a bigamist. I am filing a petition to declare my marriage void in Texas. However, when I go to court, I need to provide proof to the judge that my husband never divorced his first wife. Since there is not a national database for marriages and divorces, how can I go about finding proof? I am almost certain that
he did not divorce her, in fact, he told me that he didn’t. However, I know that my word isn’t going to stand up in a court of law. I have already searched for record of a divorce in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas and can find no record in these states. Also, does anyone know how to go about filing bigamy charges in Texas?

Go to the county courthouse where they were married and get a copy of their marriage license and see if either of them filed for divorce in that county or the county they currently live in. If not, then you can take the marriage certificate as proof of the marriage and tell the judge you can not find a county in which a divorce was filed.
Good Luck!

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