Texas Inmate Court Records

Texas inmate court records
Should Texas Repeal/Review its Death Penalty because of the new wave of people freed due to DNA?

Texas killed 78 inmates last year, that is more than one a week. They refused to honor the Supreme Court suggestion on a moratorium on killing the mentally impaired. Most of the other states have either repealed or put a moratorium on the death penalty while they review all cases that hinged on DNA and a record number of people have been freed after being wrongfully convicted. Texas is not actively looking at reviewing cases where DNA or circumstantial evidence could free a inmate. Is this fair? I am not advocating freeing those who are guilty and believe that in most cases Life without the possibilityof parole is sufficient. BUT should we take the chance of killing innoncent people rather than admitting there maybe a mistake? The justice system is not set up to kill the innoncent, but instead protect them.

The death penalty is there for a reason and I support it. I do think that with new evidence-DNA-you should have a right to appeal your sentence. And I do believe that a lot of poor people don’t get the same treatment as those with $ for a good lawyer. On the other hand I have known people that are so evil they do not deserve to live among other humans and when they commit “that” crime they need to know that if they are caught and proven guilty, they are going to die. You don’t do a simple murder and get the death sentence, you have to do something heinous. Look at it from the victim’s viewpoint instead of the criminals. . .it will give you a whole new viewpoint about who really has the rights and who doesn’t.

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