Texas Fbi Records

Texas fbi records
How can I find my birth father?

When I was 30 I found out my dad wasn’t my real father. I am desperate to find him but have no idea how to start. The Social Security Death index doesn’t list him as deceased and I have asked neighbors who knew him with no result as to his location now. He was a Lutheran minister in Cape Girardeau, MO from 1970 to 1973.(The church has no records.) He moved to Escanaba, Michigan after that, where he also was pastor. He was accused, but never convicted, of murdering his wife in 1975 or 76. He was investigated by the FBI. His name is William Dean Tabor. He was no longer allowed to serve as a minister after the murder. I am told he never served a day in jail. He was born in the state of Indiana on 3/2/1933. I know that for a time after the murder, he lived in Texas but dont know where. I know that I have at least 1 sister and 2 brothers. He got a masters in religion and a BS in psychology and business somewhere in Indiana. He speaks fluent German and Latin. Can anyone help me?

I went to that zabasearch.com
I put in my name and it said there was no such person
I went to http://findanyone.com/
I put in my name and it had 198 hits with ages phone #s, cities and states. I found me
You can get a 24 hour pass
I went to http://www.ancestry.com/
I have a membership
I live in California
I put in my name and birthdate and I found me
Public Records
gave my name address and phone numbers for the past 10 years
Here is one of several at ancestry.com
Name: William D Tabor
Birth Date: Mar 1933
Street address: 16538 Twin Fox
City: San Antonio
County: Bexar
State: Texas
Zip Code: 78247
Phone Number: 210-492-4914
Record Number: 733427016
He has moved several times so check the phone book for San Antonio, Texas for his latest phone number

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