Saratoga Property

i need help with cause and effect on history plz?

i know it stupid to type all this so plz dont tell me it is but i read the whole book and nothing can stay in my mind im horrible at history plz help some one all you have to put is (1-2 or 4-8) something like that to tell me which go plz

1.france and the united states entered into the military and trade alliance
2.british general burgoyne surrendered at saratoga
3.daniel shays led a rebellion amoung massachuesetts farmers to stop banks from siezing thier property
4.delegates met at the constitution convention
5.the french war and indian war ended
6.native americans attack english settlements in the ohio valley
7.the british governments passed the coercive acts
8.the boston tea party was held
9.minutemen fought british soliders at lexington and concord
10.the declaration of indepence was sighned at philadelphia

plz plz help

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