Multnomah County Jail

Why would this illegal-alien drug-runner think hiding pounds of pills in a baby diaper was a good idea?

Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office (MSCO) spokesman Dep. Paul McRedmond said the driver wasn’t on a sight-seeing trip as he passed through town – he was on a delivery mission. “MCSO Special Investigations Unit, following a drug trafficking investigation, made a traffic stop,” stated McRedmond.

The Tahoe’s driver gave deputies permission to search his truck. “They found a specially-altered center console compartment,” related McRedmond. “Inside was about 4,000 pills of the illegal drug called ‘ecstasy’ wrapped in a diaper.”Officials say that not only was 21-year-old Alonso Ramirez-Sanchez, in the country illegally, he was carried more than two pounds of ecstasy. MCSO photo

Ramirez-Sanchez was booked into the county jail on three felony drug charges related to his alleged possession and distribution of ecstasy (MDMA). He is also on an “immigration hold” for INS action

These sick people use babies all the time, for years before being discovered they were hiding drugs in baby formula etc… Any one and I mean Anyone who uses a baby in a drug smuggling operation should be executed.

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