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Gun laws in MD? (any police who want to answer would be extra helpful)?

I know this guy who lives in Montgomery County MD who owns several guns and ammo and was wondering if what he’s doing is illegal. He is under 21 and has guns and ammo that he purchased at a gun show (I’m not sure how legal the purchase was either), he has been in a mental facility for attempting suicide and for being very aggressive, basically homicidal (I’m not sure how long he stayed there). He has been known to move his guns around in his car and take them with him sometimes. He has small guns and large ones, I don’t know what the guns are specifically. However, cause he doesn’t want his mom to know he has them he keeps the guns at a friends house. His friend, supposedly, grows marijuana among other activities such as under aged drinking etc at his house. So I was wondering how illegal this is and if I should report it? Also what do I say if I do report it? Thank you.

You can call any of these numbers-they will be more than happy to take your information…it is the Narcotics Division in MCoPD…and you may remain anonymous. They will also take the information about the weapons…you don’t have to worry about what to say, the detective will ask all the questions. You need to make that call!!!

S.I.D. Main Number: 301-840-2500

Drug Investigations Unit 301-840-2480

Drug Tip Hotline 240-773-DRUG (3784)

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