Hernando County Court

if you were a judge,lawyer,probation officer etc click here?

so my boyfriend is in jail for violation of probation he was on felony probation for 3 yrs and failed “1” drug test so hes in the county jail now he has a total of 48 points now when he goes to court what should they offer him we live in fl and hes in hernando county jail and if your gonna say anything stupid back like i shudnt be with him then dont even answer all im looking for is a real answer please help me out..
hes 24 and he got put on probation for 2 charges of burguraly and conveyancey and he had only been on probation since july but they got along the guy liked him

There is no need to say you shouldn’t be with him but I have a feeling your future is about as bright as you are.

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