Grand County Government

Constitutional Law: Subversion thereof?

It is amazing to receive a reply that evades the question.

Firstly, what congress specifically repealed grand jury indictment?

Secondly, many city, county, and state employees charged with crime are provided grand jury inductment for all manner of minor crimes. Therefore, it appears that the government is stating that all city, county, and state employees are covered by the 5th amendment but the average citizen is not, which equates to discrimination.

I find it odd that a major protect safeguard was abolished by the government and somehow you think thats okay?

I might add that possessing the power to charge crime by circumvention of the constitution permits local state prosecutors to extort pleas from citizens.

It would seem the grand jury was a check and balance. However the very entity that is the epitome of corruption, being the government, abolished your protective safeguard.

There is no way around it, the government subverted the constitution, period.

If I understand what you wrote, I think I agree with you. Was there a question in there somewhere? If there was, I can’t find it. Most of the Federal government as we now know it is a violation of the constitution. Your example is not even in the running for the worst violation.

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