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Best city to live in Riverside County? ?

My spouse has been offered a job there (near Moreno Valley) and we are unfamiliar with the area … we were told Temecula, Murrieta, Lake Elsinore Menifee, Hemet, Sun City, Canyon Lake are some of the better cities to live in. However, I’ve been researching those areas and I’m finding that the foreclosures are very high and the neighborhoods are going down hill. Also I read Lake Elsinore has had a higher criminal activity lately and it also has a reputation of having a bad odor from the lake. If anyone who lives in this area could shed light on these cities I would appreciate it. Thanks ahead.

The only city that I would even think to suggest for anyone to live in, would probably be corona. It’s a lot cleaner than some of the other cities that i’ve been to in riverside county, and that’s not really saying a whole lot… Perhaps if you don’t mind a bit of a commute, why not move to orange county… It’s a lot nicer in the oc…

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