Blackhawk County

What to do in Summit County on September 17-21?

I'll stay in Dillon, CO this weekend and I'm a little disappointed to learn that most summer activities have closed all the ski resorts. I am looking into renting a 4×4 Jeep and drive some trails, hiking, mountain biking Winter Park, and hit the bars / casinos in Blackhawk. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do in Summit County or nearby in this time of year? Any suggestions on which roads to take the jeep up or at least would be good too. I'm looking for something extremely scenic, mild easy challenge would be fine.

Georgia passed a good idea. There is also a rising from George Town on the lake. I can not remember the name. GuĂ©nola No Pass. Also, from the sand dunes there is a 4WD road going through the mountains. Can not remember the name or but is about 5 or 6 crosses the stream. I have not owned a truck in 4 years. Most petrol stations are 4WD and a book are easy to follow. Well worth the $ 12. And you can see some very interesting things for sure. Stay away from mine shafts … You want probably just die if you go by them … so no .. as exciting as they may be. There is also the Rally Colorado in Steamboat this weekend. Go here for More details:

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