Ar Inmate Search

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is a matter of debate .. I need to prepare a prison director and want to implement a policy to cavity searches of inmates to ensure they do not ar drug smuggling and are healthy. are security guards and nurses. secruity guards say that the nurse should do so because they are more qualified and Wil get more legal protection and be more receptive by the inmates. nurses do not want because examination of the cavities is against its code of medical professionalism: Nurses are the "bastion of humane care" and cavity searches body against the prisoner is inhumane. also assumes that taking care of people no ill parents or play PPL police to look for and any idea on this? certainly rns mds can only searches in the U.S. that I found interesting

I think the U.S. find Customs and Border Patrol are authorized to search in the cavity of the body. In addition, the law in most states require medical training "personal" to do the search that is a broader category MD and nurses. I think nurses are right. Health protection and be a jailer two different roles.

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