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Texas law courts
What are my rights as a Texas renter if Apartment manager fails to make repairs?

Me and my wife just got married and are now living in an apartment where the apartment manager hires people with criminal records to do repairs. He wants us to be at home all the time when repairs get done and we can’t be there all the time. But that is just one complaint, we have now been living here for two weeks and no appliances work, no washer/dryer, stove, and dish washer which were promised to us weeks ago and manager said he will fix it all before we even moved in and keeps holding it off even further. We haven’t paid rent thus far but have put down our deposit of $300, we have called him several times and still get little or no help. Is this grounds for breaking a lease and also for a court action if leasor doesn’t obide by the terms of lease in which they do repairs and maintenance? What are my legal rights under Texas Law and how can I get something done? I feel that my landlord is being very cheap on us and hiring unprofessional people to do repairs. What can I do?

I am not in Texas, however, generally a landlord should provide a safe and functional place to live. Read over your lease and figure out what you agreed to. Talk to the city you live in, they should have a housing authority and can advice you on the local ordinances.

I wouldn’t sweat it if you need to break the lease. Unless the rental market is very tight, you probably wont have much trouble. Doesn’t sound like its’ very competitive if the landlord allowed you to move in without paying rent.

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