Texas Government Public Record

Texas government public record
If the State of Louisiana paid Old Age Assistance, what department wrote the checks?

In the late 1930’s and until 1964 my grandfather received a pension check from the state of Louisiana. What would the name of the State Department that issued the checks be. Example the State of Texas called it The Department of Public Welfare. I found a dairy online from a man in Simsboro, written from 1927 till 1944, it was a daily record of who died, was born, the weather and what he did for each day. In that diary he mentioned “went to town to Ruston (Parish Seat) to pick up my $60.00 “Government Check”. There is not a record, to be found, of a Social Security number for grand father. He was born somewhere around 1865 to 1870, no birth records have been found. On his death Certificate there is not a SS number. All of our family records were accidently destroyed in 1983 and recently, while tracing our family tree, it was discovered that no one knows our Great Grand Fathers name.
If anyone can remember the State agency or anyone I could contact in Louisiana , Thanks

Jimmy, on the chance that someone comes up with info for you, after your question closes… your profile does not allow email, and they may not be able to reach you.
the death certificate should have a date of birth, which can be compared to earlier census records. If you use the birthplace(s) of the children, to narrow down what county he lived in, just prior to ww1… you may be able to locate a draft registration, with his place of birth.
Just for the record.. social security started in the late 1930s, not 1960s. A ss # may not have been required on a death cert in 1964, which does NOT prove he didn’t have one.
There are numerous avenues that you can search for info.

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