Texas Civil Court Records

Texas civil court records
Class B Misdemeanor First Offense In Texas?

My question involves criminal law for the state of: Texas

ok so me 19 and my husband who is 21 were caught shoplifting at a walmart in texas with over $50 worth of merchandise and were arrested we bailed out at $500 each (usual is $1000) and were sent home a month later we each got a letter from a law firm used by walmart and were ordered to pay $200 each for civil demand. and our court date is on Thursday the 7th of may. and i was wondering what to expect! we both have a completely clean record! and i really want to know if we’re going to get the maximum punishment for a class b misdemeanor first time offense?
We can’t afford a lawyer

As you can see, that depends on several factors. The fact that you were both together shoplifting as a team isn’t going to help matters any regarding the judges favor.


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