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Getting letters from U.S. governor?

It is a task of my government class AM. I have a letter to each governor as below.But not know where to send my letter to obtain a response from the ?). So I hope someone can give me all the directions of the 6 letters below 1 A My letter from the municipality or supervisor the mayor (I live in Roseville, Macomb County, Michigan) 2.A letter on letterhead of any White House staff member of the president. (Including the president, I think it's impossible) 3.A letter any item on the Governor of Michigan 4.A letter from a Congressman (U.S. senator or representative on any issue) 5. A letter from a state legislator on any item 6. "Letter from Fraser (in my school is, in Fraser, Macomb County in Michigan), school district superintendent, Thanks in advance.

Go to Yes. Actually it is the government portal EVERY government agency, office, and U.S. representative – State and local. In the lower federal right you will see the links to the "federal government", "State Government", "local government" Follow the links and you will where you need to go. Each page has contact information for the office. This site will take you to takes about minutes to get used to browse the site, but once you're used to it, you'll love. You can find everything you ever wanted from the government, and even some things you never knew existed. Enjoy!

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