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Why Does Purina support illegal business?

One of their “Dealers” in St. James City Florida is an illegal business. The property owner enclosed a pole barn without permits, poured a driveway on county property and called it a “store” without legal zoning, permitting or even a license to do business! Why is Purina supporting this illegal entity? With the economy as tight as it is, how dare they support illegal business that will take from the legal licensed dealerships in the area! Don’t believe it, check out Lee County Florida zoning and code enforcement public records showing the violations for the property owner. You can find the dealership under the purina mills web site under zip code 33956.

Purina is a manufacturer and probably has 10,000 resellers. There’s no way they can completely police their resellers. Report them to the Police and to Purina if you think they are doing something illegal.

The fact that they are starting a business right now is something to be commended.

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