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Jury Duty Interview? please help.?

I have to do a interview on someone who has done jury duty but I don’t know anyone who has done it. This is for my American government class so if you could help me out I would be very grateful!

1. What is your name?

2.Were you part of the voir dire, or screening process?
3.Were you dismissed or chosen to serve on the jury?
4.If dismissed, do you know why? 
5.If you were chosen, did the case go to trial?
6.If so, how long did you sit on the jury?
7.What type of court was it – county court or state court?
8.Was it a Grand Jury or Petit Jury?
9.Was it a criminal or civil trial?
10.What did you learn about the court process?
11.Did you feel you were fulfilling an important civic duty by serving?

12. Was this an interesting experience for you?

13. If you were given the choice to do this again, but didn’t have to would you? Why or why not?

1. Won’t post my name —
2. voir dire
3. Dismissed
4. I’m a journalist
5. N/A
6. N/a
7. County
8. Not grand jury
9. criminal
10. Not a lot I didn’t already know
11. Yes
12. Yes
13. Absolutely. But, unfortunately, I’d probably get kicked off again LOL

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