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va and execitor of estate question?

I have a deseased loved one he was a va got va,medicare,socilal security and he died in a different state from my step mom seperated from her 5 years ago living in diff states from each other and some how she assumed execitor of his estate.she refuses to talk or reply to me and im biological daughter of his no one will tell me anything with out her permission.how do or where can I ask va questions if he had survivorship or life insurance thats being paid to wrong person I’m computer iliterate need links for va info for texas floridia and california so I can try get answers from them .Ive searched florida where they lived for more then 15 years probate records of estate she has to file and found nothing I also looked in state my father dies texas and no probate records there either i did come across abandon property 2000$ in his bank she dont know about or didnt claim and i need a disentrested person plus my birth cert and his death cert i may be able claim what is disentrested party?

What is your age?

As a minor dependent of your father you may be entitled to Social Security benefits as a dependent survivor.

As a minor dependent of a disabled veteran you may be entitled to survivor benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

If you father was a disabled veteran he must have been in the military. If he was retired from the military you may be entitled to dependent survivor benefits from the military.

You may file claims with each of these agencies to determine whether or not you are eligible. Or, if you are too young, you may have a “guardian ad litem” file the claims on your behalf.
You do not need the permission of your step mother to file these claims on your own behalf. These are benefits that you, yourself, may be legally entitled to.

Good luck.

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