Dodge County Sheriff

The sheriff did not serve the defendant, what next?

Hi, I am suing the defendant in small claims court in Illinois. The defendant may have dodged the sheriff and therefore not Got Served. What is my next step in getting the defendant served? Is it as simple as getting a new call? A call for alias? County Clerk? Should I return to the sheriff, or find a private server? Or are there other legal proceedings that I have to continue to advance in this process? Thanks for all the answers.

Any server knows the process from many different places in which to serve a defendant. Besides actually going home where you can: a. Mail to your home (which receive more time to answer) b. By fax to (plus time to answer the complaint) c. Go to the judge, show they have exhausted all reasonable means to find the defendant and now you can: 1. Put it in the newspaper 2. Put it in the county courthouse door (no joke)

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