Clinton County Court House

Why call Republicans racist libraries if they are running the new minority candidates for office than the Democrats?

Fourteen black Republicans are running for U.S. House seats this cycle of mid-term elections, and one of the most likely candidate is Tim Scott, a representative from South Carolina State and former president of the Charleston County. Read more: # Ixzz13md3rW9P only Hispanic running for the Senate is a Latino (Marco Rubio) A black candidate for senator from Florida who happens to be a Democrat who is asked by Bill Clinton to "waive" Both Susana Martinez and candidate for lieutenant governor in New Mexico and Latinos are Republicans, running against two white liberals the only black Supreme Court Justice is appointed by a Republican conservative. So why do liberals perpetuate this myth? I think it's racist of you to say that all minorities have to be full blown radical agenda Yesmen for Obama, and can not think for themselves.

Fox News reported that? And you believe?

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