Citrus County Clerks Office

I need help finding someone…?

A friend of mine, was arrested back in June ’11

his name is Igor Skromny.
Here’s a little history; His mother was a mail order bride from Ukraine, and he came to my school my freshman year ’08. Apparently something happened with the man who ‘purchased’ his mom…. roomer has it, Igor murdered the man. Igor went threw a lot, (as I know from experience how cruel the other kids in school were to him)
I’ve been trying to find the jail he is in. I’ve had no luck, and when I’ve called the sheriff’s office, they don’t pick me up.

information you might need?
Town: Crystal River
County: Citrus County
State: Florida

he is also on here, with his charges and date.

page 24

How to contact me?
(have the subject something obvious
so I know you’re referring to my post please)

I would be forever appreciative if someone could help me.
Kristel S.

You probably need to retain a lawyer — not just any lawyer, but one who is experienced in criminal law. Obviously, police departments have a way of covering up the kind of information you are seeking. As a result, you need someone who can cut through the red tape. Ask around. See if you can find a sympathetic lawyer who may not charge too much.

One other thought. Talk to the city editor and/or police reporter at your local newspaper. They could be interested in this for a possible story. In doing that, they would get the information you are seeking.

Good luck.

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