Texas Marriage Look Up

Texas marriage look up
Has Texas fixed their ban on straight/all marriages, yet?

If you don’t believe me, then look up on Google, “Texas bans all marriage”. You’ll see a lot of results.

The new state-constitutional to ban gay marriage has a little loophole that states how every marriage and legal/civil union isn’t supported; no specifications towards straight marriage or just gay people were made. Look it up and you’ll see.

I, personally, lol’d. I hope they don’t fix it, because this may suddenly void all straight marriages.

Anyway, do you guys know if they fixed it, yet? I can’t find much.

What are they going to do to put an end to this ‘horrible’ new equality in the state of Texas? :O

I doubt that any typically-Texan legislative blunder of this nature would require ‘fixing,’ as the laws of this State are only selectively enforced, to begin with. This is simply a new law to be selectively applied to and enforced against homosexuals.

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