Texas Court Background Check

Texas court background check

Information On Divorce Court Records

With the Freedom to Information Act (1966), Free Divorce Records and various others such as Marriage, Birth, Death, Criminal records and so forth became public records. This applies to all states although the use and treatment of these records are subject to variations in laws between the states. They are widely available from both government and private sources and County Divorce Records in Texas are known to date as far back as the 19th century.

Texas Divorce Records is placed under the Texas Department of State Health Services. Along with Marriage, Birth and Death records, divorce records are available through their Vital Statistics Unit and are sectioned under the Report of Divorce Index. They can be downloaded free of charge from the department website and are available to the public. Conditions and procedures apply. About a hundred thousand Texas Divorces since 1968 are on file but the office only issues their Letters of Verification.

A letter of verification of divorce costs $20.00. It officially states whether a divorce was granted in Texas. It would indicate the names of the separated couple, the county at which it was issued and the court case number. If a search failed to locate any records, the fees cannot be refunded nor transferred to another search as they are deemed as searching fees. The ‘no record found’ is useable though as a single-status verification for marriage. The divorce indexes extend from 1968 to the last day of the preceding year at the time of search.

Reports of Divorce Indexes were not filed with the State offices until 1968 so Texas Divorce Records before that would have to be obtained from the office of the District Clerk at the county where the divorce happened. Likewise, certified copies of major divorce documents such as Divorce Certificates and Divorce Decrees are only obtainable directly from the office of the specific county of origin.

From background checks to divorcees applying for marriage license, the folks in Texas conduct Texas Divorce Records Search for a multitude of reasons and purposes. When the subject has resided in multiple states before, it can get onerous as state databases are not linked. This brings private record providers into the fold nicely as their databases typically cater to all states one-stop. The top-tier ones also offer much better overall professional standards and services.

Commercial Divorce Court Records providers are a great relief for a small fee and there are plenty to expect and choose from. Online record search is the most popular and not without reasons. It’s convenient, instant and competitively priced but scams abound so shop around a little before committing any fees. Good information and tips are readily found free of charge at review and other promotional sites. These guys know their business and their recommendations are rarely off the mark.

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