Mena Arkansas County

How can I find a map showing the location of the sections, townships and ranges around Mena, Arkansas?

I inherited several undeveloped acres Polk County, Arkansas. I have only the legal description. Need to know where this land is near roads, etc. Ideally, I get a satilite view of the earth, but can not find a way to make Google Earth to understand E1 / 2 NE NW, Section 3, Township 4 South Range, 31 West. If someone lives in the region and recogonizes this area, could you tell me what is next?

I know it is 20 hectares begin. Office of the Assessor Polk County has a map that can be mailed. You can charge a small fee. If you are nearby, then move the court and attend a big map. Then you will see the main routes and exits are very close and can then determine the direction property.

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