Charleston County Taxes

Should local government lavish certain high income residential neighborhood and ignore low income neighborhood

I live in Charleston South Carolina and I find it funny that on Daniel Island they have perfectly paved roads, sidewalks on both sides of the street, new traffic lights, cameras on everycorner at the intercections, Palm Trees on the exit ramps from 526, new police cars and a state of the art police sub station, new fire trucks, more police per capita than any other section of the city, more local parks total than the rest of the city combined. The list could go on, but I have a question for you….. Who pays for all this? Does the government pay for this or is it privatly funded?

I am not talking about Daniel Island Park and the other little neighborhoods inside the island.

Why doesn’t some of this money go towards other parts of the county or city or better yet other parts of the island (Cainhoy),

If you really want to answer please do, but if all you are going to do is gripe about how much you pay in taxes don’t bother answering….

no but they do anyway

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