Texas Official Public Records

Texas official public records
Have you ever made a typo that was just totally embarrassing….when called to your attention?

In the reports I type up for work we have to use a sentence alot that describes documents recorded at the Courthouse. It is something like this ” Official Public Records of ______ County, Texas.
My boss had his secretary call me, LOL because he was going over one and I had typed “Pubic” Records and of course spell checker didn’t pick it up because its a word,……

Nah, didn’t say too much, just his secretary said “Bill” noticed and said can you fix, we both laughed about it and “Bill” never mentioned it to me.

LMAO! I have to say that my typos haven’t been that funny!

I am a paralegal, so I know how embarassing something like that can be. Especially when everything is documented and made “pubic” record! OOops! I mean, “public record…” haha

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