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If the County looses your traffic ticket how long do they have to find it and penalize you for it?

Last Saturday night I received 2 trafficic violations. One was for not using a blinker and the other was for an unsafe lane change. Here is my dilema, I have been calling the court house daily to find out how much the fines are going to be and they keep telling me that they have no record of the ticket. Today when I called I asked if they knew the charge and the clerk asked me to bring in a copy of the ticket I thought to myself do I sound that dumb. My question is if they can not find the ticket by next Tuesday (the court date) am i home free? Is there a statue of limitations on something like this? I live in the state of Texas.

Okay so I have the same problem just a different violation and a different state. But If you think about this logically it “might” be possible to weave your way out the situation….I’m not 100% though….but here is the thought:
Your citation states that you will appear at the given court at the given time and date…that is where you’ve signed your signature on the ticket agreeing! So that is what “You” are obligated to do… And that is “all” you’re obligated to do.
When you show up they’ll have you on record for being at your court date on time….BUT this is where I’m not 100% sure…..you’re suppose to have your violation ticket with you when “Contacting” the court!
I think it is assumed you bring it also?…but I haven’t found any record of one being penalized for not bringing their copy! *Because after all it is “JUST” a copy? Original should be on record!….then you’re left with this; No Record >No Evidence >No fault *** and plus you followed your obligations that were held against you by law, If by chance the original does ever show!!!

But honestly this is over analyzing way too much……chances are if its not already on record by now “Its Gone!”
~Just playing it safe
Good Luck

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