Texas County Criminal Records

Texas county criminal records
How much do attorney charge to seal a criminal record in Harris County, Texas?

What is the minimum and the maximum price, the highest I have seen is 1000 dollars. My friend needs to know so he can get the money together. I don’t want any b.s. answers either, only answers that will help. Give me what he needs and you get 10 points.
He already tried MattHorakLaw. That guy is too expensive.

“If” he is eligible for sealing, then the procedure in Texas is very simple. He doesn’t really need a lawyer at all. There are a number of companies that sell “packages” of forms that you just fill out and submit for as little as $40.

Eligibility, however, is very tight. To be eligible for an order of non-disclosure, he must have successfully completed deferred adjudication for ALL charges to which he pled guilty. If a final conviction was entered for anything, then he cannot get any other cases sealed. Any case for which he was convicted at trial cannot be sealed.


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