Kingfisher County

Why is God punishing Christians?

If they’re so rightous and they’re really his people?

Potter Church, southeast of Douglas, Okla., was destroyed as a supercell spawned several tornadoes in Kingfisher, Garfield, Logan, and Payne counties Saturday, May 24, 2008.
(AP Photo, Enid News and Eagle, Bonnie Vculek)–

I know some of you Christians will claim that god had nothing to do with it… but if you’re going to have an all powerful, almighty Christian creator of everything god, then you’re going to have to take credit for the bad as well as the good.
Hey Russian, god caused Chernobyl… if he’s really all powerful like you claim he is lol

I expect the usual “part of god’s plan” rubbish soon enough. Why can’t they just open their eyes and see things rationally?

Unless…………… is the mighty wrath of the flying spaghetti monster!

the person below says that “the wages of sin are death” but surely that’s also the same for virtue? We all die evntually……..

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