Texas Marriage License County

Texas marriage license county

Conducting Texas Marriage Records

With a population in excess of 20 million and second only to California, it comes as no surprise that there are millions and millions of Texas Marriage Records in one form or another, past and present. Amid the current age of computerization, both public and private databases exist aplenty and the mother of all repositories in Texas is of course The Texas Vital Statistics Office under the umbrella of Department of State Health Services of Texas. As to be expected, it is the most widely patronized center of information pertaining to marriage records.

The Texas Vital Statistics Office began officially filing Marriage Records in Texas in 1966 simultaneously with Texas Divorce, Birth and Death Records. There were variations over the various counties and districts especially during the early years but all marriages within the state would ultimately be posted at this office. Erstwhile marriage records in Texas as with other states during that era were administered by the county or district offices where the marriages took place.

Such Vital records go way back to the mid-nineteenth century as early as 1837 but were all scattered and isolated within their own respective county boundaries. Many failed to survive the ages due to a variety of reasons: fires, floods, accidents, negligence or just plain deficient storage by modern-day standards but for all practical purposes, marriage records upon the surrounding handful of generations (as of 1966) should generally suffice, especially with the high standards today’s government public records.

By token of Texan laws, a great deal of information can be derived from such database. They are public records and everyone has the right to them. People can literally access and assess anyone’s entire marital past and present on demand. Documents such as Marriage License, Certificate and Verification Letter are typical and so are related divorce matters. Particulars of involved parties like parents, witnesses and conducting officers or ministers are also standard information. Marriage records are however not linked between states. As a result, marriages in other states will not show up in a Texas public marriage record search and vice-versa.

There are various ways of conducting marriage record search. As with many endeavors these days, the fastest and most convenient searches are accomplished online. Public record websites are readily available on the net and they come in basically two versions: free and paid. True to form and expectations, paid marriage records are by and large way superior to free ones. As such, people would be much better served to go with paid marriage records especially for formal or official applications for which marriage record searches are invariably the case.

Texas Marriage Records are the top public records in the state when it comes to search activity. From background-checking a boyfriend or girlfriend to legal investigation, people are constantly checking out each other and the best thing is it’s done in secrecy. But why not, it’s easy and it’s over in a jiffy for that peace of mind sought ever so often. So it might be a good idea to self-check your marriage records regularly just to be sure that the record is straight, so to speak.

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