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Texas death certificate search
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Question can some PLEASE check if my father was born on 4/29/1938?
1939,1940, 1942, 1943, 1944, 1945.
Father name is Jose Guajardo Rodriguez or Jose Rodriguez died on 2/10/05. Place of Death was Phoenix, AZ. Jose was born in Texas. Inquiring on place of birth of Jose and searching for grandparents. I do not know my grandparents names. I have already mailed a letter to Social Secruity Office but no luck. Also mailed for death Certificate waiting for a response. Just hopeful some can help me please. Reson I gave various names and dates is due to my father being incarcerated and Jose using other AKA and DOB. Thank You!
I do not know my grandparents names.

Found these listings in the Texas Birth Index, 1903-1997 at ancestry.com:
1. Name: Jose Rodriguez
Date of Birth: 29 Apr 1942
Gender: Male
Birth County: Guadalupe
Father’s Name: Jose Rodriguez
Mother’s Name: Ofelia Cuellar
Roll Number: 1942_0008

2. Name: Jose Rodriguez (**)
Date of Birth: 29 Apr 1945
Gender: Male
Birth County: Travis
Father’s Name: Jose Rodriguez
Mother’s Name: Anastacia Guagardo
Roll Number: 1945_0009
(I would place my bet on this one, because some Hispanic surnames consist of both the father’s and mother’s family name. So, if he changed the spelling occasionally, the “j” in his middle name could once have been a “g”)

3.(one day off):
Name: Jose Rodriguez
Date of Birth: 28 Apr 1939
Gender: Male
Birth County: Webb
Father’s Name: Rosendo Rodriguez
Mother’s Name: Guadalupe Torres
Roll Number: 1939_0007

Was he, or did he get, married after 1968?? http://www.worldvitalrecords.com/SingleIndexIndView.aspx?ix=texasmarriages_live&hpp=1&rf=*,z*&qt=i&fc=376478&highlight=Rodriguez%2cJose+G has these listings:

1 Bride: Escobedo, Mary E –Age: 23
Groom: Rodriguez, Jose G –Age: 33
Marriage Date: 20 May 1972 (b. 1939)
Marriage Place: Travis, Texas

2. Bride: Mason, Francisca, age 22
Groom: Rodriguez, Jose G, age 31
Marriage Date: 25 March 1972 (b.1941)
Marriage Place: Cameron, Texas

(There were others with the same first name & middle initial G, but the dates/ages didn’t match.I think you may have put this on ancestry.com’s Message Board, so my second entry above** was sent there, too.)

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