Texas Criminal Courts Records

Texas criminal courts records
Friend in need of assistance in Texas?

A friend of mine asked me this and i honestly don’t know what to tell him.

He is currently looking at going to a non agency police academy (community college). He has been asking me non stop questions about it. His question that he had asked me was aound five years ago he had a Class B misdeameanor ( theft by check) and did everything the court ordered him to do. He is a certifed security officer in the state of Texas. He told me he did a DPS Criminal history search on himself and there were no hits on his record. According to TCLEOSE its ten years. Should he go ahead an apply for the academy and send in for his TCIC/NCIC? or just give up on his dream. He also wants to know how to go about in being in a K-9 unit

I think he should give it a try and go ahead with his plans at least this way he’ll know if this is what he wants and if he will be able to do what he wants. I believe this shouldn’t be held against him and that he has proved himself a good person. Good luck for your friend.

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