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Designation Requirements horse property?

Hello. I am a real estate agent listing a property in Arizona, which has been designated as horse ownership. (Also R-8) My client is interested in me that the designation may change depending registered? (She is an agent of Colorado) … and I can be prosecuted if it is not declared. I'm not sure there's anything to declare. Is that only 0.33 hectares, but it was not a problem when you bought it. What are the requirements to designate horse ownership and the factors that could change this situation? I can not find any information locally or on government sites. Information from other States would also be useful. Thank you! Having access to a horse riding area seven miles long. The entrance is about 200 meters into the street. Elsa D. Thank you, I'll do it tomorrow!

In CA that do not qualify, you need one acre per horse. You should contact your county planning commission, which by zoning and can tell if there is a problem. I think the Humane Society is located 1 / 3 acre too small a pasture for a horse and consider cruelty.

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