Texas Record Background Check

Texas record background check
Lawyers(attorneys) in Texas. Please answer about arrest record?

I have a question and I will try to make this short as possible. I got arrested for a misdemeanor assault charge this past december and luckily with a good attorney I am getting it dismissed. My mom and I had a fall out and I was at the wrong place at the wrong time.. I do have a attorney but thought I would ask on here because for some reason I don’t really like calling her.. sounds weird but I guess I am. Anyways, I know I can get it expunged in 2 years because that is what she told me but I will need a lawyer… can anyone tell me if it is a good thing that I am getting this dismissed and how will this be good for me for jobs? I mean I won’t have a conviction so that is the best thing right? I just have been worrying so much and need some answers. If they do pull something up for a background check and it does show an arrest, what will the arrest include? Will it say what it was for or just that I was arrested.. I am obsessing over this so much so please positive answers.. Thanks


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